Best advice for someone entering their first year of college?

What's the best advice you have/been told when going to college? Whether it be for studying, relationships, or just fun things. :)


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  • When it comes to studying just always go too lectures even when you don't feel like it unless you need to work on another urgent assignment. I think people take coming to class for granted but to me personally it helps you out in the long run and budget your time.

    When it comes to relationships just #1.) Stay true to your values and #2.) Don't get caught up in '1' person, this will help you meet and hang out with lots of people who share your relationship values. Getting caught up on one guy early on can block you from meeting other guys. If you don't have a "boyfriend" already and you meet someone who ask you to be his there is nothing wrong with that but just realize you will meet tons of guys some who just want sex, some friendship, and others who truly want more. But you're still young so don't feel pressured to follow the crowd.

    As far as fun goes, just socialize, stay "safe" and "healthy". Keep in contact with old friends and family but make new ones as well.

    Good Luck, Stay Positive!!

    • Thanks! good advice on both categories!

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  • I'm starting my first year in 10 days. I hope this gets some good responses.

    • me too! I'm more excited than I am nervous so I guess that's good lol

    • My mindset going in is it's a full time job. You have to be dedicated, determined and disciplined. Pretty much all the stuff my parents told me growing up that I didn't listen to.

    • Let the fun begin!

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