Why would this guy say "DONT MAKE (INSERT MY NAME), know, she will get jealous?

I like a guy i work with ( he is leaving company soon) we have known each other for 4 years. Our relationship compared to everyones at work is not just business. We catch up and we talk/message every day if not every second day.

There is serious flirting, lots LOTS of touching on his side. and he implies things about me a lot, and probes me about my love life and why i don't go off with certain people etc.

He went on a date this week (not with me)

the next day at work he went off with a female worker (this is a good friend of mine, who knows i like him, we have travelled the world together) to get stuff from the bank.

As a joke she said " this is our first date"
he replied back "don't let (insert my name) know, she will get jealous"
the female worker changed the topic of conversation quickly.

why would he say this, and what does it mean?

im worried he knows i like him, and is making fun of me. Is there any chance he is fishing to know if i am keen as that girl is my best friend. Then again why would he tell my best friend that he went on a date, obv, she would tell me.
If you do think he is keen and is looking for information, why would he go on another date. i sent him a copy of our roster saying here ya go mate, and he replied thanks buddy
So i am fairly sure now that this guy was either a) never interested in me or b) is so desperate for a GF that he jumped at the first OBVIOUS opportunity.
I looked back over the last couple of years and noticed a trend.
Now In between casually dating he gives me more attention by messages, flirting and implying. Since the date with this girl I've only heard from him once, and it was in relation to work. The one time i saw him at work in two weeks he was very touchy


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  • personally, i think it means he is a player and doesn't want any of the girls he is seeing to know they aren't the only one.

  • He could have been joking, it depends on the tone of voice,

    Personally, I think he is a player who is messing with you.