How to show appreciation?

If you're a guy dating a woman ten years younger than you, you're a very successful business owner and she's a student... would you want her to compliment you on your nice cars, houses, etc., or would that come across as her seeming materialistic?

I'm seeing a successful guy who is ten years older than me, I want to compliment on his accomplishments, but I don't want to come across as materialistic or anything... He really does have a nice house and cars, etc, and clearly, he's proud of them, so I want to compliment him, but really it's the hard work he does to get those things that I admire... If that makes sense... I couldn't care less about his things, but I love that he is an educated, intelligent, hard working man, and I just really don't want him to think anything otherwise. .. I feel like it's hard, because he has and does so much for me and financially, there's not much for me to do... I just don't feel like I have a lot to offer in terms of paying for dates and gifts and that sort of thing... He makes more money than I do and if there's anything he wants he can get it... I just feel like I don't know how to show him I appreciate him...


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  • Just be close to him and compliment on his intelligence and success (the intangibles).

    If you cling onto him and compliment him on his things, he'll think that's what you care more about.

    Don't give false compliments plus he already knows what he has


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