Dating education needs to be reformed?

I've heard a lot of stuff, rules, supposed statistics, and what not.

Quite frankly I don't give a damn anymore. If I'm not able to attract a particular girl or girls... then whatever.
I realize it's a numbers game, and I'm willing to be patient.

How would you educate young people for the sexual marketplace?


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  • Look, I will make it simple.

    I do not follow any dating rules at all. If I want someone, I pursue them. I do not wait five minutes to text them or anything like that. I do make sure not to harass them every second of the day but that is about it.

    That is what I will tell my children someday.


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  • Check out this site called "Good Looking Loser" and its YouTube channel to.

    I think "dating education" for young men is kind of flawed and hard on them because they don't tell you to relax.

    Its really about having fun and finding out about yourself. Have a goal "outside" of dating that you are working on so that you don't get too caught up in the drama. Talk to multiple girls so you have options if one girl backs out and flirt with girls even if you aren't extremely interested in them.

    A lot of guys disagree with this but I think its good to do this when your young because even if you don't want to be with a girl you're flirting with then you're still gaining experience by practicing what works and you may end up liking her later on, : ) !!