Help ! Awkward situation >_<?

Well I had a few too many drinks last night , I am pretty quiet normally. I do remember seeing this damn fine guy but I did seem very forward... I did end up singing a suggestive song and dancing to him. I did get his number though , but thinking about what happened last night I was a mess and weird. I want to text him but I'm thinking he may have been freaked out.
How many of you would get freaked out?


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  • I'm guessing you're a shy girl. Why don't you give him a text and just say '' sorry for how I was last night , had a few too many drinks " then a convo can start from there !
    Hope it goes well
    Just curious what song where you singing? :P

    • Mya- Love is like wow :P

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  • I don't why you'd think he may have been freaked out if he gave you his number. I would be more worried that he won't take you seriously.

    • He gave me his number before that happened

    • Please refer to thisGUYknows comment. I couldn't agree more to his comment.

  • If he gave you his number, then he is OK with whatever you did.
    Wait a day or two, give him a chance to miss you, or evaluate what went on.
    Then text him and see how it goes.
    You never know until you try.
    I like when a girl contacts me.

  • you'll never know unless u find out! make a joke about you being drunk and talking to him. if u make fun of yourself, you'll take any awkwardness away from him


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  • Good luck he probably thinks ur a hoe now sorry hun. your little slutty personality came out , give him a call his probably wanting a new booty call

    • Wow you don't need to be bitch ! A smiley face doesn't make it better , she was trying to ask for help