I tried to kiss her when I hugged her, but she moved her head away, Saying that she would kiss somebody who is her boyfriend?

We have been dating for 4 months so far, I made some mistakes... said that I was a virgin, we slept together without intimacy and the romantic dinner failed. was jealous for a month, She said that she isn't ready for the relationship, and complications it brings, and I said that I am ok with moving slowly. Many times she said something like, why wouldn't I buy her such and such. Like I brought some flowers at her job and she was amazed (although she complained that those weren't the flowers she really likes), wanted to kiss her when hugging and it didn't work. she then said that would kiss with somebody special, and with whom she is in a relationship, and knowing that she doesn't want to be in a relationship. Am I moving that fast. Or she simply uses me as emotional support and entertainment? She is now excited and not mad at me for asking rude question to her... agreed to go to the cinema, and I want to see how she would behave. Some people said to cut her, and that I got friend zoned. Please advise.

She sometimes say about how it would be nice, in my flat. The company I am working will be providing an apartment for me...


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  • not to say there is someone else or you are her support but lets face it. she didn't accept you for who you are... whether you are a virgin or not... she didn't accept you. she keeps saying you are not wnough of what you are doing. really try cut her. and yeah go to that date "cinema" and if she tried to kiss you or touch you. tell her you are not sure that you want to kiss someone who isn't sure about her feelings. if she doesn't like you she won't approach you after that date if she truly does. or maybe she likes the bad boys... and in your case you are the nice guy. good luck!

  • Sounds like she's using you.


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