A compliment from ex?

Me and ex has unfinished bussines. So the other day she came to se me. She is dating someone around 7 months. Anyways my question: she complimented me that i look good. She was nervous a bit aswell. Her eyes was looking at me up and down. Does it mean anything. Would u complimment someone that u dumped?

From guy usually means he wants something. What about girls?


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  • Honestly it was probably just her trying to break the ice and not come off as a cold bitch by saying nothing. It could mean something but I don't know her personality well enough to know.

  • Zooey Deschanel's personality. She is very quirky and adorkable. She also dresses very modestly and ladylike. She's in [500] Days of Summer, which is a very brilliant movie if you ask me.

    Amber Heard is also hot as hell. I don't care what you say, she's a beauty. Although I have never watched her interviews, just her movies... :/ And in movies she usually plays a slutty girl.

    Lastly, I'll add Zoƫ Saldana. She was great in Colombiana and I thought she was pretty, but I didn't like her A LOT until I saw her interview with Amanda De Cadenet on vimeo. Her personality isn't really portrayed in the movies she's in. You should watch the interview because she's amazing. I absolutely love her confience and personality. :)

    • :( Sorry... I realized I posted on the wrong post...

      But she was probably just being nice and didn't want to come off as a bitch. She also sounded like she genuinely meant it.

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