Which of these movie characters is the closest one to your ideal girl?

Hey guys, which of them would you pick to you? Do you have a better option than all of them? If so, please tell me which character would fit better as your girl.

PS: girls you can suggest me a good female movie character that maybe I have forgotten ;)

  • Annie (Speed- "girl of Keanu Reeves"-Sandra Bullock)
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  • Adrian (wife of Rocky Balboa)
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  • Erin Bronkovich (Erin Bronkovich- Julia Roberts)
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  • Rose (Titanic- Kate Winslet)
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  • Another girl -> cite her at comment
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Hey guys what's the matter? Only girls are voting here! Show them they are a bit mistaken! Haha
People my ideal girl is a mix of Annie's boldness, Adrian's companionship and Rose's cuteness :)


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  • there's the strong Katniss type
    or the 'cute but weird' Zooey Deschanel type

    • Which movie are they? I think i don't know them

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    • Never watched Hunger Games ;)
      And that another actress i have never seen her before I think, which famous movie have she done?

    • I don't know what her most famous is, but she's currently in a show called "New Girl"

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  • Max Black (Kat Dennings).


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  • Zooey Deschanel's personality. She is very quirky and adorkable. She also dresses very modestly and ladylike. She's in [500] Days of Summer, which is a very brilliant movie if you ask me.

    Amber Heard is also hot as hell. I don't care what you say, she's a beauty. Although I have never watched her interviews, just her movies... :/ And in movies she usually plays a slutty girl.

    Lastly, I'll add Zoƫ Saldana. She was great in Colombiana and I thought she was pretty, but I didn't like her A LOT until I saw her interview with Amanda De Cadenet on vimeo. Her personality isn't really portrayed in the movies she's in. You should watch the interview because she's amazing. I absolutely love her confience and personality. :)

    • Never heard none of these girls. Classic girls as those I have quoted are already overpast?

    • :( I've honestly never really seen any of those. Only Titanic. I apologize.

    • No problem! You should watch all Rocky movies are amazing. Pay attention to his wife, Adrian she is so discretely adorable! And the Speed movie is classic yet very nice to watch until nowadays! Sandra bullock 's role always amazes me, she so smart, lively and girly at same time!

  • I liked Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith. She was hot, smart and ice cold. I dunno, but that attracted me, although in reality such a woman must be a pain in the ar**.
    I am usually not the type that likes this cuty, girly nice girls, who alway play a bit dumb.

    • Yeah I think i have already seen some parts of that movie :)
      Which of the above alternatives fits more to your description of cuty yet a bit dumb girl?

    • I haven't seen the first two movies. Sandra Bullock plays always a bit clumsy but smart I think, so that's ok. Erin Brokowitch and Rose seemed really strong to me, because they are women who fight for a cause although everyone is against them.
      A clumsy girl might be these girls on action movies who are responsible for all the mishaps.

    • Haha I know that type of girls! Always making the life of main character harder for causing all sort of dangerous trouble! But for me Sandra Bullock, at least at Speed, she is audacious yet girly ;) This sort of girl I like :)

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