Where to take this girl out?

Thursday The Girl I like agreed to go out a day next week with me but I have no idea where to take her I haven't had many dates. I like her a lot and want her to like me as well.

A positive is the girl refered to me as her hubby and when she was leaving she put her hand out for me to hold while I did while she left. She a friendly girl and flirtatious with me at times and likes to bug me but does to other guys as well. For example that same day she walked by me and touched my chin then walked by her guy friend and slight gave him a kick on the butt. She also has hit my before also.


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  • How about out for coffee (or a cafe)? Or the movies? (don't expect to make-out unless she starts it XD) Or just a hang out place around where you live. :)
    About how she's acting.. Well.. Charm your way into dating her. Then talk to her about it or just talk to her about how she views flirting?
    Sorry if this didn't help.

    • np! thanks for your help and suggestions

    • No problem!

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  • Bowling would be great if you have a mutual friend to go with you. It would inspire a bit of friendly competition, and flirting. Good luck!

    • thanks and what are your views on how she is acting?

    • I think she likes you. She may have kicked the other guy's butt, but she touched your chin, and that's more personal. Touching your chin was her way of getting you to pay attention to her. She wanted to inspire jealousy, so she went to the next guy. She's totally into you!

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