How to get out of the friends zone online?

I know a chinese girl for a good time , I like her so much , she's shy , friendly, warm hearted and very very gentle ^^ I felt very happy when I asked her if she believes in online love or not and she said she do. . . anyways, I started to have feelings for her , I mean , I really really feel so happy talking with her and I miss her when she is busy with school. . .
I really want to get out of the friends zone, I still need to talk with her more and prove myself as her dream guy , but how to do that? we always compliment each other but I think she don't think of me as a lover for now , but I really want that to happen ! ! What Can I do guys? I 'm really falling in love with everything in her ! !
And Thank you ^^


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  • you should ask her about her feelings toward you , try to tell her indirectly that you really like her more than just a friend , flirt a little ! maybe she will get it ;)


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