Is this a date? Would she have seen it as one?

I was speaking to a girl I've liked for a while and told her I was going for breakfast at the local diner in the morning. I cheekily said "you can come too if you fancy it?".

To my surprise she agreed and we had a great breakfast together before going to our summer jobs. We're both 17. We're fairly close friends so I just saw it as a friendly thing but when I spoke to another friend he told me it seemed like a date. I mean I'm not complaining but was it a date? Would she have seen it as one or not?


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  • I would not see it as a date, your just hanging out!! Did you pay for her meal?

    • Yes I did but her birthday was a few days ago so I said call it a late present.

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    • Too me it really does not sound like a date!!

    • That's what I thought, was just checking haha

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  • Not really, to be honest.
    It just seemed like a an occasion that you invited her to tag along on.


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  • You mentioned that you're fairly close friends, so why did it surprise you when she agreed to join you for breakfast? If she likes you as more than a friend, she would have seen the breakfast as a date; otherwise she would not. If you're interested in knowing for sure, try to kiss her when the opportunity presents itself. If she doesn't push away or turn her head, she's interested in you. Just be prepared for the friendship to turn awkward, and possibly end, if she rejects your advances.

    • Because we're close as in we hang out often, but it's always in a larger friendship group of 5 or 6 people. Never really just the two of us.

    • Oh, I see. If you want to get her into the "dating" mentality, keep it to just the two of you when you take her out. No group dates.