Trying to find a way to have a chance with a guy?

So I'm interested in this guy but he's really shy and everything so honestly if he was interested in me it is very hard to tell. I tried to have his friend text him and ask if he was interested in me but the friend said no, why can't she ask him herself (about me). And so I was just wondering how I could possibly ask this kid if he would ever like me or something I'm in desperate need and I really need advice on what you think I should do. Oh and also like we've never talked but we do know eachother and have said hi and he seems like such a nice humble boy. And don't say just go talk to him cuz there's rally no way to use that so thanks!


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  • His friend says no so I do not think he likes you.

    If you can not approach him than I guess you will never know.