Nice guys don't finish last anymore. They never finish. Agree or not?

There is a common misconception in the world that 'Nice guys always finish last' with women. I believe this is not true at all. The truth is, nice guys never finish! They're pushed out of the race midway by the stereotypical 'bad guys'!

Agree or disagree? Both men and women are most welcome to vote and answer.

P. S. - Before you start pulling the 'nice guys are boring' crap, let me make it clear that I'm talking about the genuinely good guys who have great personalities and not boring at all, but are still shunned for just being 'nice'.

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An update, considering the answers until now. By 'nice' guys, I don't mean the 'pushover' kind of pansies who let people walk all over them. I'm referring to the kind of guys who are 'normal' nice but still fight fiercely when needed.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well it depends what you want. I agree to some extent. But it's young people in general, not just women but men also like "bad girls" when they're young or immature. Young people usually don't care about the future, and the "bad girls/boys" are a thrill of the moment. As you age, you realize that sometimes life isn't just thrills, and the "nice" girls or guys finally begin getting attention. Our tastes in people change, and some people just take longer to develop. Nothing wrong with that, why force someone to change or force someone to be in a relationship with you? It'll just end badly.
    Now, if you want to grab as many or the most attractive women as you can, then you probably aren't as nice as you think and could use some maturing as well. This isn't meant to be an insult, because there's nothing shameful about maturing and growth.
    Genuine nice guys and girls, nice people, don't find relationships easily, but when they do get into relationships, they usually find their soulmate. And to me, it's better to find your soulmate than collect as many numbers. I prefer relationships that last for ever or for never, I don't date just to "date." I like meaningful companions.

    • This is a really great answer, coming from a girl! You aren't getting all defensive, like most girls do.

      Just to clarify, I'm not talking about nice guys who would want to 'grab' a lot of attractive women, because they aren't 'nice' at all (like you yourself mentioned). I'm talking about the 'normal' nice guys who would rather prefer a long term relationship with one woman, instead of short term fun with many women.

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    • I can understand that part of getting offended when friendzoned But I don't get 'fffended'. Its extremely insulting and humiliating for me to know that i wasn't good enough for that person. Besides, when I have feelings for someone and she puts me in the friendzone, I wouldn't want to stay in contact with her anymore and suffer emotional pain on a daily basis, while putting on a mask of friendship and pretending to be normal. So I make it a point to sever all links with anyone who freindzones me (which involves removing them from social networks, email contacts, phone etc.).

      Its HER choice to put me in the friendzone, and its MY choice to not REMAIN in that friendzone. I can't change my feelings according to my whims and fancies. Why should I be willing to 'downgrade' my feelings from romantic ones to friendship, when she isn't willing to 'upgrade' hers from friendship to romance?

    • I know this is late, but thanks for MHO :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • The problem is that nice guys never try hard or keep their dating profile for everyone. I. mean many nice guys are picky and when they don't get the girl they ultimately liked , it creates severe disheartening atmosphere for him which let's himself down.
    Bad guys will try any girl plus they tend to keep dating many number of women. It's not like they are not rejected but if you are hitting on 3 girls at a time, then at least one will respond?
    This is how it works.
    Also nice guys must only learn to become confident and dominating on women. We would surely win then.

    • Now this is a sensible answer! But the problem is, women automatically assume nice guys are equivalent to 'boring pushovers'. Can't blame them, because many nice guy really ARE like that. But when some guy who is nice but also happens to have a great personality tried to approach women, he is shunned because of this 'stereotype' surrounding nice guys.

    • Yes you are absolutely right. I have actually observed that girls never feel attracted to the guy who are very nice to them or in short treat them like Queen.
      Girls have admitted that here many times and say that they never feel comfortable to nice guys because they don't feel charm ness in them.
      They want guys who exercises domination on them and lead them , make decisions. This quality comes when you become confident.
      You have to understand that majority of girls have submissive nature however confident she may be. Hence dominant nature of guy is must.
      Even a simple thing like choosing restaurant and the place or time to meet should be takenby you.
      You want to kiss her? Notice her good mood.. hold her face and take it. This is how it should be.
      Being dominant means it should not be abusive or bad at all.
      These qualities are present in abusive type of guys and hence they win. While guys who act geeky has apologetic nature or indecisive of many situation repels women.

    • Seriously speaking many girls just don't realise that they are dating bad guys until they really show their true nature. Especially young girls are never good in choosing partners. They believe what they see and fall for it.
      Many girls do realise though but they are ready to compromise or take risk for confident plus WEALTHY men.

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What Girls Said 6

  • Ok for the hundredth time... just because you have a great personality, consider yourself good and nice doesn't mean any girl is under any obligation to have to give you a chance. The reality is, many girls and guys are nice people but that doesn't mean they get what they want all the time. Both guys and girls get rejected on various things... some people just give you butterflies while others don't. It's not because this person is too nice or not nice.. it's because of love. You can't force to feel love for anyone. Whether you're male or female. It's there or not. You being nice has literally like zero to do with anything. People say shit like oh I was too nice for her or him but heloooo wake up... clearly they just never fell in love with you because no guy or girl is going to dump someone or not be with someone just cause they're too nice. That makes no sense. People reject others cause there's something missing. Usually that's chemistry or compatibility. The truth hurts but people should realize that and not try to make themselves feel better by telling them selves silly lies like the other person not liking them for them being nice. If they truly wanted you, then nothing in this world would have stopped them.

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    • I'm NOT saying no woman has ever asked a man out. In fact, I would be a hypocrite if I say that because the girls themselves asked me out in both my previous relationships because I was too scared of rejection. They probably sensed this and took over the reins of making the first move.

      Anyway, what I meant to say was that its VERY rare for women to make the first move, but it does happen a bit more now compared to a few years ago. This is the reason why I mentioned 'most women' in my previous post, which ensured that I had my statement covered for exceptions!

    • A lot of girls ask guys out. it's not rare. It's pretty common nowadays actually.

  • totally disagree.
    guys do finish, and I don't know where ur from but theyre usually the first ones to get married or get into serious relationships. a lot of the 'hotties' and 'bad boys' here r still single, or just playing games. if theyre ok with acting like children then thats their issue.

    by the way if i was a 'nice guy' i would find this question insulting because its such an enormous generalisation. how do u know some nice guy isn't thinking, u know what? i can win a woman over. i am boyfriend material.

    if ur a nice guy who's been hurt before, I'm sorry for ur bad experience but u should speak for urself.

  • I hate this whole "nice guy" thing. If you think you're a nice guy but can never get someone then you're probably not so nice

    • Then how do cigarette-chomping guys who get involved in drunken brawls, don't have an ounce of respect for women and sleep with random girls, are usually the ones who are most successful with women? Are they 'nice'?

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    • It feels like you are speaking with your heart. Do you have facebook? We could talk about it there

    • Yeah, i do have Facebook. Since I'm anonymous here, I'll just send you a personal message with the link to my Facebook id. You can add me there. i usually post anonymously on this site because I reside in a third world country, and the 'elite' people on this site from developed countries pick on me due to my ethnicity and nationality.

  • Maybe with the WRONG girls that don't DESERVE, WANT, not APPRECIATE a respectful guy. But for the REST of us, nice guys are the ONLY guys we choose.

    • Everyone has a different personality

      I only treat strangers very nice, like if a stranger has a flat tire, I will help him.

      If its someone I know, then I cannot be too nice or else I might end being used unless I ask for something in return.

  • There is nothing I want more then a nice guy. I find them very hard to come by.

  • I don't know if I can agree but I deff feel that what I want in a guy but I can't find one or im just not talking to the right people so imma disagree.

    Plus when I hear that saying I laugh I think it stupid saying so I turn that around into you want the guy to finish last. (In a sexual manner) lol


What Guys Said 7

  • Let me enlighten you. There are three types of guys in this world

    1) the bad guy: doesn't really give a shit about anybody else and mostly attracts younger girls. why? these guys are independent and apathetic about what others think, these are the good traits about them. however, the lack of affection catches up and it's not good in the long run. only good for attraction

    2) the nice guy: tries to be likeable by everyone, has no backbone. gets boring easily because of no CHALLENGES. don't be this guy

    3) the good guy: instead be this guy. has the positive traits of the bad guy and the nice guy but is still humble and affectionate to those he loves. has a backbone so he is interesting

    • This is a terrific answer. Number 3 obviously seems like the perfect guy on the surface. But unfortunately, most women only categorize men into numbers 1 or 2, because they're too dumb to understand that number 3 exists. So they conveniently put the number 3 kind of guys into category 2.

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    • Yes, they will never think badly about someone in category 2. But unfortunately, they don't think that these guys are good for dating either, so category 2 and category 3 guys conveniently 'friendzoned'. The women do need these nice guys to wipe their tears or offer a shoulder to cry on when the assholes they date keep breaking their hearts, right?

    • Friend zone has nothing to do with these types of guys, it's just more apparent in #2. It's the fact that a friendship is platonic. Even then, #3 provides the chase and challenge that girls still desire from #1

  • These questions are so fucking annoying. I didn't even read what you had to say because of how annoying they are.

    Hint: Maybe girls don't like guys like you because you're just as annoying as your questions.

    • If you're 'annoyed', you're most welcome NOT to answer. Nobody's forcing you at gun-point to answer the questions which annoy you.

      Hint: Maybe you were too daft to understand that this is a general question, and nowhere have I mentioned that it is connected to me.

    • Blah blah blah. You don't understand how many times I have to see these same questions every time I scroll down the recent questions.

      Hint: There's a search bar at the top. Use it!

  • You should be a nice guy to nice people, but never let others walk all over you.

    • Again, another stereotype. Guys who are 'nice' are automatically assumed to be pushovers.

    • @"Guys who are 'nice' are automatically assumed to be pushovers."

      THAT is the truest thing I've read all week. You've just clarified something for me that I've found often in my own interactions with others. I'm no pushover at all, but I can't tell you how many people I meet incorrectly assume I am because I tend to have a (naturally) friendly, helpful demeanor... many times I get sort of 'pounced on' by others immediately assuming they can walk over me when they meet me (then look surprised when they discover they were wrong, and dumbstruck that someone calls them out on their BS). But it's like I have to be constantly vigilant.

  • The man who does his own thing and doesn't fit himself in a category does better than both

  • Interesting voting pattern - clear majority men voting 'yes', clear majority men voting 'no'.

    I think the men know what's what here - come on ladies, be honest.

    • "clear majority men voting 'no'"

      I mean 'women'

  • Of course it's true. Women will always deny it and get defensive because they know it's true but they hate that fact about their nature. Doesn't change the fact that it's true.

    • Agreed. So nice guys are left with only two options:- Either become complete assholes and treat women like crap, or give up entirely on women and assume that women never exist.

  • There is a difference between being nice and being a push over who can't stand up for himself

    • Read my update please, and revise your answer if you can.

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