Guys, what if your girlfriend said this to you, how would it make you feel?

Guys, if your girlfriend said if she could have anybody in the world that she would still choose you.. how would you feel?

Would it make you think about all the other girls in the world that you maybe could have?


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  • It's a neutral statement. It's one massive display of arrogance followed by one massive compliment. There's really nothing to gain by uttering these words so I'd suspect there is an underlying thought that she is struggling to articulate. It could be good in nature, or bad.

    I'd personally try to assess whether or not maintaining supremacy in a relationship is something she innately desires. If she does, then I won't be concerned and we will continue as we were. If she seems to come off as malcontent over the fact that she's this great woman and somehow she ended up with a worthless peon like myself, then I'd be concerned and take preemptive measures to escape this relationship before she does.


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  • I would feel lucky

  • great, but suspicious

  • That's probably one of the best things she could say. If I'd been with her for a long time then I'd take it as a really good sign, but if not for so long then I'd think she was wanting something...

    • In response to the question update, no it wouldn't make me think about all the other girls in the world. It'd make me glad that I'd found someone who actually really wants to be with me.

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