Guys, what makes a girl dating material?

What qualities/scenarios make a girl dating material? What makes you consider some girls not dating material?


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  • To be honest I think if you are in the right head space to be dating, you are 'dating material', its just a matter of finding a guy you are compatible with.

    If you are shy, find someone equally shy, or find someone who makes you feel confident.
    If you are worried about your looks, find someone who looks at you for your personality and makes you feel attractive.
    If you obsess over a topic and loose yourself in it, find someone who shares the interest, or has a similar but different interest and will understand the fascination.
    Be aware that sometimes the opposite is as good as an identical match.

    Knowing yourself, and what you find appealing (but remember to be flexible, no one will ever be perfect), is the most important part to that, because it means you can work out what you need to look for, and will make you present yourself better.

    • That is the most thoughtful answer! I don't have a problem finding guys to date, but I find that guys seem to always jump to the conclusion I am eager to be in a relationship. I think it is my age and being single, society says I must be desperate. It couldn't be further from the truth. I may want to meet the right guy someday, but I don't feel a depravity in my life without a man. Sometimes guys very quickly tell me they aren't looking for a relationship, or it is bad timing. Internally, I think 'who said I was'?
      Anyways, this led me to ask that question. And I love your response. Thank you!

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  • A lady who has her head on her shoulders and isn't really negative all the time makes her datable to me. It's all about whether or not you're compatible with each to other. No one is perfect and we should all learn to understand that. It's just whether or not if the pros outweighs the cons.

  • She has to be really attractive to me, smart, have lots of things in common with me, and she has to like me back.

    It's that simple, yet that complicated.


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