Will I always be single? Do I even have a chance at anything? Please tell me the truth?

I'm not popular at school, and to be honest I think I'm pretty ugly. I'm kinda nerdy, considering I'm in the top 3% of people my age when it comes to academics (in the US). I have dirty blond hair, but I think I'm going to dye it. I actually have a pretty good figure, and I'm not afraid to show it, but the, ahem, chest? Not so great. Before anyone asks, yes, I do wear glasses, and they're not my best frames. I want contacts, but I apparently have to pay for them, and I'm only 13, so no job. I'm pretty sure I'm insecure about a lot of things. And yeah, the picture for my avatar? So not me.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Absolutely nothing in the information you provided suggests a high likelihood of failing to find a partner in the long-term (if you're academically strong you can analyze and prove that objectively ;) .. on the contrary, you sound like you would make a desirable partner when older).

    I recommend going to university/college (later), you'll meet more mature like-minded people, and the childish popularity crap that you get in school becomes less of an issue.

    Contacts, good idea, but you have plenty of time still for them.

    If your chest seems to continue to fail to develop in the next few years, I suggest seeing a doctor - that can sometimes be caused by a (treatable) hormonal imbalance. www.netdoctor.co.uk/.../203681.html


Most Helpful Girl

  • You will not always be single. I was in similar situation as you, nerdy girl, loved books, no glasses but braces instead, flat chest (I'm 22 and still flat as can be), and really insecure. I still had a lot of guys and girls even ask me out.
    But don't rush it! Young lady, you're only 13! I had my first boyfriend at 19. I had my first kiss at 19 by my first boyfriend. He was the first guy I hugged, held hands with, kissed, at age 19! So please, just enjoy your childhood. You don't wanna find out about love yet, don't rush, just be happy that you're doing good in school. Yes, sometimes it kinda sucks. Almost all my friends had boyfriends since 9 or 10 years old, they were even already mothers by age 15 or 16, but that's what happens when young and immature people get into romantic relationships. Don't be ashamed though. Don't rush it, you'll be fine :)


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What Guys Said 4

  • you just worry about keeping the grades up and just be friendly,,, u will be ok

  • puberty will do wonders

  • You're only 13, why the rush to date?

  • You always have a chance. If you were the ugliest girl, a man not too-ugly, but not handsome either, has it worse than you.
    You are not even 14 yet, and worrying about dating? Why are women that young worrying... I wouldn't worry until you were in your early 20's and hadn't had a boyfriend yet.


What Girls Said 1

  • I said yes to the "Do I have a chance?" not "Will I always be single?"
    Just to clarify...


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