My bf has been treating me cold these days.. when we started talking he used to give flowers but now he stopped. he is just so cold sigh?

he never called me beautiful.. well he called me beautiful once but i didn't see sincerity in his eyes.. he is quiet.. when i asked him if he loves me, he isn't answering, he just said he cares for me.. honestly we are in a long distance relationship..


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  • Having done the long distance relationship (for about five years, and another which briefly became LD for for 8 months) I can completely understand where he is mentally (and as such warn you I am not speaking entirely objectivly on this). Keeping the fire of the relationship is hard at a distance, without those subtle reenforcemtns of affection, like a hug on a bad day, rommance can quickly become a chore.

    His emotions are probably pretty confused, and the withdrawl of affection is possibly an attempt to subtly remove himself from the relationship without hurting you, or having a big discussion. It could also simply be that he is tired, distracted or stressed and not in the right mood.

    What you need to have is a big discussion. Communication is key to any relationship, but one with limited physical interaction it is the single most vital element. You need to understand eachothers emotional states well. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst and try to be honest with eachother and yourselves.


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  • Maybe he feels like he is the only one putting effort into the relationship because that is how most guys feel


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