Why does guy I'm dating worry/think I'm a player?

I don't know if he's joking or not. I've known him for about a week and we've met up two times and text every day. Every time we've gone out, he's paid. He's always saying good morning or asking me to text him the next day. We slept together the second night and he said I was going to be done with him and not contact him again. I said I am not a player and he should text ME the next morning. So he texted me 'good morning player :D' I'm just worried HE'S the player. We've swapped stories about exes and he's been around the block. I am cautious and don't want to be too serious, like, tonight we were toying with the idea of meeting up but then his best friend showed up wanting to go out and I told him to go saying 'hops n hoes' as a joke. Again he's saying I have a player mentality and I said no YOU do.
My sister thinks he's just afraid of rejection but I'm wondering if he's just projecting. He's told me before he actually likes me and I said I did too. But we play confusing word games sometimes, like banter. I don't know what to think :O I mean he's going out with his guy friend tonight, he could chat up some other girl for all I know. Which is his decision, we're not going steady (although I would secretly be upset if I found out because I like him). He just doesn't know that I would never do that because I like to focus on one person.


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  • He could be projecting his own mentality into you. Or just very untrusting. Either way, proceed with caution. I had a guy do this before, we dated for awhile... he was cheating on me the whole time lol