Dating girl suddenly starts sending short text responses... (girls responses please)?

Been dating this chick for a few months. Recently she takes hours to respond to text/messages. They are short responses. What can this mean?


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  • She's busy? Sometimes we just can't reply but if it happens all the time she could be avoiding you or playing games to see if you'll chase her.

    • she was sick for a few days so she started to text like that since then

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  • Would need more information, but it's likely she's met someone else or has lost interest, especially if you haven't made a move and things aren't progressing.

    • we're in a long distance for the summer... don't know how to gauge "progress" in our relationship. we've been chatting/texting everyday, but she's doing this recently every since she got sick

  • I do that to my boyfriend sometimes. Sometimes I'm just busy and sometimes I just don't want to act too desperate.


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