What should I do about this problem between us?

My close friend and I tried dating. It didn't work out so well. He still wants to be close friends with me. But right now I'm not so sure. I told him I need space and that now is right now isn't the time to talk about what happened. I told him I am stressed because I have to move in 2 days. He also told his brother what happened and I didn't care for it. What should I do? Should I stay close friends or should I tell him that I can't be friends because I still have some feelings for him? I know I still need to finish talking to him about it.


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  • You should continuee to be his friend. You will see that going ahead at some point of time you will be abke to make up with him. Breaking relationship will give you nothing.


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  • I've been in this exact situation my close friend and I had tried dating also and it didn't work out and I had asked for the same thing my friend said she needed some space so I gave her some time and now we are just as good of friends as we were before if not better because there are no question about how the other person feels bout wanting to be in a relationship and not being sure of what the other person wants


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