What do guys say to each other about a girl liking them?

I have a crush on this one guy, and I've kinda subtly been making it known I'm interested and he's responded well so far... but I've noticed when I walk into the room or whatever, him and his buddy will say something to each other and be kinda laughing or smiling while talking... I don't understand what they're saying? His buddy doesn't know me, and I don't think I've done anything embarrassing yet...


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  • "about a girl liking them"
    Did you mean
    About a girl he likes?

    • no lol i meant about a girl he suspects likes him? lol

    • I don't know had a few convos with a buddy generally just "she wants the d" haha. Guys and girls tease their friends about it though.

  • in most cases guys will not say anything to their friends and if they do most often their friends will give them a hard time about about that kind of thing which isn't bad its just how guys are


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