For those who have met "The one" (or who think they have), how did you know?

How long have you been together and do you think you've learned to communicate with your significant other really well? Did you really have to work at that, or did it come naturally?

It's been a long time since I've dated anyone; my relationships haven't even lasted 3 months; most of the girls I know seem to have really bad communication skills; and they seem to drop off the planet pretty quickly. This shouldn't be normal, but if it is, how are relationships NOT doomed from the start?

I don't have much experience with girls, and I didn't grow up seeing happy healthy marriages, so I hope I won't mistake "the honeymoon period" as being the real deal, since I haven't really had that. I don't really know many couples who seem to know everything about each other (things people say an engaged couple should know about each other).

So how did you "know?" What can I look for?


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  • I don't believe there is a "one" or soulmate. I think people can find love with many others (not at the same time of course). I also think real love isn't like it is in the movies. I think you have your good & bad days, & it requires patience, communication, & respect.


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  • He is consistent and follows through with actions.


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  • Apparently it's intuition i. e. you just know.

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