Boy problems haven't stopped! Help?

So once again it's a question regarding my extremely confusing relationship. I was over at his house and we decided to walk around the block. While walking we ran into some of his friends which I never met and they asked him if I was his girl. He had answered yes and continued to tell me everytime he passes by they ask him that. he caught what he said and quickly changed topics. Making me believe he passes by them with many other girls. Later on we went to his uncle's house. His uncle had been drinking and told me that everytime my boyfriend goes over he has a new girl. He said I was the sixth he had met. My boyfriend was next to me convincing me it was only one ex which he didn't even think about anymore. What should I do? They say only 2 people say the truth children and a drunk.


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  • The way I see it you have three choices.

    Compromise: come to a common term with him. What you can do and what you can't do. Even if you don't like it just go with. Even if it hurts you just go with it and don't quit on him.

    Peace: Be humble & accept him the way he is, and actually be Happy about. It doesn't matter what is right or wrong. Suport him and make him a part of you. Like if some one has a scar on there hand (which I do) they come to accept it and actually like it at one point, and don't feel it's there. Even if some one points it out. It doesn't bother them.

    Be Fair: Make him accept what is right or wrong. Don't put up with the B. S and make him known that it is not going to work, and if he doesn't listen then leave him and find some one who can play fair, with what ever you both decide what fair is...


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