Guys! Why would you stare at a girl if you say you don't like her.. But you stare at her a lot?

I work with this guy and he stares at me often it's with a blank expression.. My friends always see him staring at me I don't understand why because he said he doesn't like me.. He also told my friend a while ago that he and I are good friends and he might have seen a connection between us.. I never did anything about it because I didn't know what that meant to him so after that he went to Alberta for 3 months he came home and things got awkward he stopped texting me and he would always ask how I was doing and he stopped he isn't the same now he talks to me a lot less and he actually told my friend that he has been talking to me less on purpose.. I don't understand that either because he came out for my birthday even though I didn't invite him and he also bought me a drink.. So I don't understand what is going on with him..


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  • " he actually told my friend that he has been talking to me less on purpose.."
    Means get over him he found someone or he's not interested.

    Lol a few of us went to Alberta recently and we stared at tons of girls, if they were hot/physical features...

  • 1- he either lied
    2- he is creepy
    3- you had something on your face


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