Hey, I like a girl, but the problem is I'm fat what should I do, do girls like fat guys?

Hey, my name i Akash and m 18 years old and i m from India
i have a questions do girls like fat guys, because i have a crush on a girl and she's healthy and fit, but the problem is due to my fatness i have no confidence to go near her and talk to her, i need help do girls like fat and tall height-ed guys.. what should i do it would be my pleasure i u help


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  • Honestly most girls are not into fat guys, but still the possibility that she may like you is still there.. Why not working out instead of just feeling insecure about your fatness?

    • i have done all the possible ways of being fit but the doctor says there is some hormonal problem in my body.

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    • Of course you have... first of all, try accepting your body shape, and never show her your insecurity about it.. try to sound more confident.. first only approach her as a friend.. get to know to each other.. be fun.. do things that will make you stand out from the crowd..

    • yaa sure i will keep in mind
      thannx for ur suggestion

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  • well dude plenty of girls are interested in more than just a fit body. but at the same time, it's the sad truth about our world that overweight people have a much harder time finding someone.

    if you think your weight is getting in the way of your happiness, put your health first. try to get fit if you can. don't do anything unhealthy; just eat well and get exercise. just showing that very commitment to yourself can make you look like a strong person

    • Dear frd I also dnt wanna be fat but.. I am having hormonal probes
      If u wanna hlp me u can give me the ways about treating grls ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺🔰🔰🔰🔰 :) how to make the girls fell goid and secure about myself

  • I actually have always liked chubby guys ~ and not to be racist or strange about it, but I'm Buddhist, and have found a lot of Buddhist girls look favorably on chubby guys.
    perhaps its from seeing Buddha statues in temple from an early childhood, or perhaps its symbolic for wealth and strength... I'm not sure the deep reason, but its not a turn off or negative for me at all, and I would also very much prefer a chubby husband to a skinny one.

    • Yeah gud at least found 1 grl prefering fat guys

  • So your fat an indian. No girls will not want you


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  • Go to the gym bro, common sense

    • Its not d common sense.. If I will go to jym it will temporarily lose my weight... and at that tym she would be in anothers hands😕

  • U better post some Pics of U !