I made out with this guy?

that works with me but we work in different locations, we were at a party and danced and kissed, but i totally am not interested, so i texted him today and said sorry for yesterday wanting him not to think there is anything more..
is that bad?


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  • how do you make out or kiss a guy your not interested in? that doesn't happen even drunk by mistake. either you are interested or, like many women, it is just a nasty prank your doing to him to make him feel bad. it is a pretty shitty thing to do.

    • i mean im a little interested or else i wouldn't have done it your right but he is moving away this week so i dont want it to get bigger , when its so small

    • if he is moving away far enough not to come back for any dates then you don't have to do anything. leave it alone. it will solve itself.

    • he replied hahaha, its okay i had a good time :)

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  • It's not bad but you might confuse the guy.

  • No it's not bad if u just need. To cum


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