How do guys react when they're "paired up" with a girl?

What I mean by "pair up" is like, for example, everytime you talk with a girl, your friends are acting like you two are lovers. (Well I don't know what you guys call this but I always say "pair up". :/)

What'll your reaction be if:
1. Your friends pair you up with the girl you like, saying, "You two look cute together."

2. Your friends pair you up with a random girl (a classmate), saying the same exact thing.

3. Your friend randomly said, "Do you think of her a lot?" ("Her" here means the girl that you like)

4. The same but "her" is a random girl (but still your classmate).

NB: For 1&3, you have never told your friend that you like this girl.

Bonus: And what will you do if you're friendzoned?

(Please answer this question. Even one word means a lot to me. You don't have to answer the "bonus" question if you don't want to.)


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  • If I'm "frindzoned" then I'm no longer her friend. I will cut all ties with that girl.

    1. What my friends say doesn't matter. I'm more interested in what her friends would say... I don't think too many guys will say, "you two look cute together". That tends to be what girls say... Even if my friend is a girl, I wouldn't take anything she says seriously if she's not this girls friend.
    2. same answer
    3. This question would never be asked by any guy friend and if it's a female friend then it depends.. Sometimes when I like a girl I think about her a lot. Sometimes I rarely think about her. So, whichever one is the truth.
    4. Same answer. If I think about her a lot, then say yes, if I don't think about her a lot then I'll say no.

    • Thank you for explaining!
      I just realized the "you two look cute together" part though. His friends are my friends, we're friendzoned, haha! That's why our friends always say that. I'm just curious about his reaction to it. He sometimes looked down and I actually could see him blush, but he doesn't anymore, I think he's getting used to it.
      When his friends paired him with my classmate, he would say "oh" with a flat expression or turn away and pretend his friends didn't say anything (but it could be a sign that he's considering what his friends say, right?)

    • He's probably considering, but also probably doubts what they're saying. The "oh" fits two expressions. An interested "oh" and "oh" where he's thinking about the likelihood that what they're saying is true.

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  • 1. This one happenI d a lot in school with me and my friend. Many people assumed we were together even though we weren't. I found it flattering though. She's a really cool person.

    2. If its the cute girl I have my eye on, I like it. If its the weird girl, I'm like 'nooooo...'

    3. Can't say that ones happened.
    4. (Sorry)

    BONUS: I basically surrender to the friend zone. I like having girls as friends.

  • I'm always paired up with girls, even the ones that reject me and try to friend zone me, I just laugh it off.

  • I'd love to get fixed up! Obviously I'd hate the friend zone though.

  • I'd be honored.


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