Should I not text or call him until he contacts me after 2nd date (he stayed the night)?

Had a great time with a guy I've seen only 2 times. We've chatted on and off for 3 months. He stayed the night after our 2nd date, which was friday night. He texted me saturday afternoon, asking me if I was enjoying the rest of my day, etc. I texted him monday, he responded normally, etc. Its now Thursday and I haven't heard back from him. He has full custody of his 3 kids and a lot going on, so he is a busy guy. Should I text him in the next day or so or should I wait for him to contact me?


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  • I would wait until Friday night to text him...and I would msg him something like "Hey. How's it going?" or maybe "Hey what's up?" ... then see what he responds with.