What are some good open when letter ideas?

i boyfriend is going to be gone for over 9 months... i need creative ideas for open when letters... with ideas of what i should write!!!


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  • Dear my little porcupine, have you stabbed anyone yet with your little needles?
    I have missed you so my little porki. I miss your little kisses, your little smiles. But I know we will meet soon once more and I wait so patiently for the day, where your little needles will prick my skin once more.

    Be silly and funny like that.

    • i like that! any more suggestions?

    • It has to come from the heart!! You can use that but YOU need to personalise this for him. So he does not think you got it from the internet.

      I bet if you look inside of yourself you will find something cute like that.

      If you want me to read over it to make sure it is good, I will. But you need to make this personal.


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