My love life is non-existent, it's a complete mess and yet I'm happy is this strange?

Lot's people in my position would be quite saddened, constant rejections, V-plates still attached at 25, never loved, never been loved. Couldn't score in a Brothel with $1000 and yet despite my love life being an abject failure and yet despite this, I'm happy, I laugh about the fact that I can't get into relationship or get laid to save my life. Yet despite such ineptitude, I'm happy with my life overall.

Is this strange?


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  • it's not strange, you're relatively young and you still don't feel society's pressure over the whole 'get a family' business. at 25 it's perfectly reasonable to consider romantic relationships just as a decorative, not particularly useful item. plus, you're a bloke. no one expects you to make something out of your looks before their legendary 'expiration date'. thus said, i also personally think that shouldn't be something to be particularly concerned about. there are several potential sources of 'happiness' after all.


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  • No, I think you're awesome for that.


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