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I have been with my boyfriend for several years. We started dating when we were young. We did have a time where we broke
Up because we didn't know what we wanted and I started talking to someone else. During that time he proposed and I said no. Eventually we got back together. We have been talking about getting engaged for over a year. Last year we discussed it and talked about rings and he said by the end of the year. Nothing happened. In January there was some job changes and it didn't happen (but it was ok bc of that stuff) He said he would in march and then it didn't happen. He wanted to go look at rings in June and nothing has happened since. I feel like he gets my hopes up and then nothing. He says he wants to get married to me, doesn't see himself with anyone he just has to get up and do it. He did say it's scary... I don't even really talk about it anymore because I'm tired of the excuses or hearing what he plans to do and doesn't. He does like to talk to a lot of younger girls. He always says their just friends but I'm starting to think their what's holding him back. Is he just making excuses or is there something else going on? Is getting married that scary?


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  • Honestly.. Would you really want to marry someone that makes you feel that way? Love shouldn't feel like that.. It kinda sounds like he's just comfortable with you right now and neglecting your feelings. He doesn't want to lose you but he doesn't want to commit either. Take some time and reflect on your life and if he's ultimately worth it because remember once you're married it's final. No turning back unless you want a messy divorce and children caught in between