Is it bad to not be able to talk to girls you're attracted to?

Will any girls be understanding?


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  • I am like this for guy! I think you just not to be so shy! What the worst can happen

    • I think most guys feel this way and can't talk because of "fear of rejection". But a solution to the problem is not worrying about rejection which is harder than it sounds.

      They have to realize if this girl rejects them then they can just ask out another girl or they can speak with multiple girls at a time so they don't get caught up on one girl simply because she is attractive. There are so many "beautiful" fish in the sea.

    • Aw I understand! I did not realise they worry so much about this! Shouldn't as you say the are more people out there

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  • No I would not understand it, why can't you talk to her. Do you both have the same feeling for eachother?

    • Fear of rejection and shyness in front of people you find attractive.

    • It's called approach anxiety. Most girls don't understand it and they think the guy isn't interested when in fact he psyched himself out of talking to the girl.

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  • It is kind of bad but you shouldn't worry because that's a normal problem most guys have who are inexperienced.

    You want to be able to talk to girls you're attracted to because "talking" is how we communicate and as a guy make ground and hopefully get to know a girl better.

    From experience, I can say you want to be able to talk to girls you're attracted to and that comes from practice and more experience. Talk to a lot of girls and eventually you'll get better.

    One thing you can do early on is to tell a girl you're attracted to, "Hey I am kind of shy but I just wanted to ask you something or talk to you." If she is a decent person she won't shut you down. Saying this to a girl won't necessarily make her instantly like you but at least she has an explanation for why you are acting the way you do.
    Sure there are some girls who will be able to overlook shyness and awkwardness in a guy but in general not being to communicate effectively would cause a problem.

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