Not sure where to go from here?

So here's my issue. My ex led me on, lied to me, became vindictive, after the breakup, and I think cheated on me since she pretty much ended up going out with her housemate she was "just friends with" straight after the breakup. Whilst she was with me, she had been planning on going to visit him in his home country for a few weeks in the summer. Well, she's there now probably having the time of her life.

So now, besides being clinically depressed etc. and recovering from an incredibly toxic breakup. I'm looking to the future, and I am quite literally scared to open myself up to any girls.

I used to be incredibly trusting and nice, now I feel as though I can never trust any girls, nor make an effort with any. I invested so much and that's what made it more painful. Now I feel as though anything I do will be futile. I also fear that I won't invest myself emotionally, or I will be incredibly controlling and insecure.

Any advice on what I can do when it come to dating and relationship time with other girls to overcome this fear, or will it always be with me?

People sharing their own personal stories would be greatly appreciated.


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  • That's what ur thinking now but u have to let urself take a break. I know it must be very hard finding out that u have been cheated on. Stay single for awhile, go out with ur friends more often. Join a sports team you really like or that ur friends are already in, u don't have to go looking for another girl just yet. I know you want to start trusting again but u don't have to force urself into it right now. As time passes, hopefully it will come to you. You will definitely know when u will be ready for a relationship when u actually meet a girl u like and i believe that is what's going to make u trust again. Don't rush into it just keep urself busy, join the gym. I hope it helped :)


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