Calling people out on their b*llshit and behavior?

How do you feel about calling people out on their disrespectful behavior, b*llshit, or general attempts at manipulation or lying to you?

I'm generally one to roll with the punch and let them play themselves out, as people generally make a fool of themselves if they do that.

However, more recently I've come to realize I have no time for that, so I just straight up call them out right then and there and if the situation is severe enough I severe.


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  • I think there's a point where you can't put up with it anymore, especially after giving so many chances. Then, you have to call people out and tell them your perspective or the true perspective of things. Otherwise, they'll keep acting disrespectful and they probably don't even see that there's a problem with it.

    I've had to do that before.


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  • It depends on if it's worth it or not. My co-workers are all full of shit and I called them on major stuff but for the little stuff not so much. I figure karma will take care of assholes. It always does. Sometimes people just hang themselves with their own rope and choke on their own bullshit.

  • My level of not giving a fuck about ithers is way too high to o that. Just let them do what theyre doing.

    • Yep, generally true, but I mean if they do something that is really over the top. Say try to coerce you into something, lie behind your back, or attempt to openly disrespect you in public; not trivial things. At least not in my mind.

    • If it has bad consequences for you then you need to confront them.

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