I don't like the way I look why should she?

Every time i am on a date or alone with a woman this question will gnaw at the back of my head. "she is only here because she feels bad for me. i don't deserve anyone this beautiful. what if we go to do something and i can't get it up?" the last one was a recurring problem with my last relationship and to my knowledge still is a problem. i fear that if women see me naked, they will leave because its my weight that is really troubling. im not obese by any means. but when i am alone with a woman, i feel as though i can't preform with any real confidence. i can fake being confident really easily but the real thing is much harder. so i have been trying to get into the insanity work out, but since i just started not much has happened. im going to keep at it, but that doesn't fix my current problem. how do i stop these nagging questions when im on a date. even back when i was skinnier, different questions would pop into my head so i would be scared to ever go anywhere with a woman.


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  • Ah sweetie do not be so hard on yourself! I can honestly say most women won't see most of the insecurities you have mentioned and concentrate on your personality. If a women is shallow then she is not worth it!


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