Down on my luck, getting over a crush, and trying online dating?

Ok I'll catch you up... I have a stupid crush on a older guy that is realistically unavailable. He flirts with me at work at first but then i started to initiate conversation. Im gonna stop because it's not like it's gonna go anywhere. he's successful, older a little immature.. but ultimately unavailable. Reasonablly i should stay focused on work and stay away from him. But then i feel like besides work I'm. just very bored with life. I want to go out on dates (with him lol). My close friends started dating and so I joined an online dating website. The guys are ok.. no where as successful as my crush I mean they are unemployed or have minimal wage jobs.. idk. Not feeling it. So should i stick it out? I'm also nervous that other co-workers might come across it at some point.. which could be awkward. Should I delete it and pretend none of it happened?


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  • My sister is in your age range. Really busy between her job and other activities and didn't really have a dating life to speak of. One of her friends got her a Match. com profile for her birthday. She was incredibly offended at the time, but figured if she was gonna have it she might as well use it. Long story short, she went on a few dates, nothing serious, stopped using it for a while, rejoined, dated some more, met a guy she is crazy about, and eight months later is now engaged. So yeah, I would say dating sites work, you just have to not be self conscious about it, sort through all the wierdos, and find that right guy for you

    • Thanks for replying, thats a really interesting relationship study your sister has had, i think i will give it a try! Thxs again for taking the time to share your advice :)

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    • Thankyou :)

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  • Online dating seems to be the way to go today. And if it is from a Reputable dating site, which I can tell you there are Many, Find one that suits you, if this one has just keeps coming up 'Losers.' And of course, along with losers, there are Scammers. Buyer beware on all accounts.
    Three years ago, a man from Egypt found me on FB and we started a whirlwind romance. Through Skype and Yahoo we got better acquainted, I was able to meet his lovely family, and with all of this, I was then----Flying off to a far away Magic land in Cairo, where after returning to him, 3 months later----We tied the knot. However, with online LDR, as ours was, we had many problems, mostly my fault, and between That and what is going on Now over in the Middle East, we are currently separated, may even Divorce. I am leading my own life now.
    You need to also. You decide if It is for you or not. I have also tried some sites for online dating, having a bit of luck. But bear in mind, it could be even someone you would meet Out in a club, there is never a guarantee that you'll end up-----Couple of the year.
    Keep it to yourself, making sure it's Your business Only... Give it a try, see if it's something you might want to try just for 'laughs and giggles' even.
    And as far as 'Deleting it,' Delete This particular one if it isn't panning out for you, and find one that you Might be happy with-------Feeling it.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thankyou for your advice, I think I'll give it 2-3wks to test the grounds, and your right if it isn't what I want I should just cut my losses and find another avenue. Thankyou!

    • You're so welcome... However, in the comfort of your own living room, it's fun to test the waters... Sometimes beats going out and making the effort, when all you feel like doing is---Not painting the town red at that very minute.:)) xx