What does it mean when a guy admits his feelings but would never jeopardize my life!?

I always am confused. I have been dating this guy for almost a year now. I dont know what our "label" is. As a woman, it leads me to a confusion. He admitted that He has feelings on me but had said that one thing He would never do is to "jeopardize" my life. I know what "jeopardize" mean but I am unsure what is the whole meaning of it.


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  • Hmmmm, maybe his words didn't come out the way he meant them too? My last girlfriend and I often had poor communicating skills, mostly she didn't hear things the way I was meaning them, or the words I chose didn't make sense to her. Neither of us were snappy or quick to anger, but we did hurt each others feelings upon occasion. I ALWAYS came to her and figured it out, especially if she was the one that was upset. She had a harder time with that, I am a true believer in conversation. Go ask him. Clear it up. If he says something else that doesn't make sense keep asking until he says it the way that makes sense.

    • He is always more mature when it comes to communication. I guess, coz we started as casual... and we've been seeing each other for almost a year. It is probably why every words he would say I will have a different meaning to it. As he himself claimed that it was unexpected. Yes, I will ask him that. Surely, started as casual and beinf on it for long and we are making ourselves exclusive to each others... As if He wants me to fall hardly for him... I have told to avoid something that will make me fall but he even does it more... So what that " Never jeopardize my life means"? mmmm...

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    • Thank you Opinion Owner. Actually although it's been a while He kept telling me about the "feeling" that He has been true... I was going to end it, and so that was the time again that He opened up his feeling and all... It is confusing coz yes we started as casual. I think I have learned from my previous relationship and I am so careful to wrongly fall again. I think it is common to any woman to have a fear on relationship as well. So I am not so sure if I shouls take "Never Jeopardize my life" a positively or a negatively...

    • Again... good luck to you. Asking is the best thing to do. I wish I couldn't had real communication before my last relationship ended. It would have helped a lot with my pain and confusion.

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