I think I'm in love with someone. What do I do?

I think I'm in love with my best friend. She loves me like a brother, and as far as she knows, I love her like a sister. She has a boyfriend, and I've just been trying to convince myself that the love I have for her really is like the love of a sibling. So, should I tell her how I really feel, or just continue trying to convince myself that I'm not in love?


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  • get away from her. don't waste your time. find another girl to fall for. she has a bf. be there occasionally and have your own life.
    my ex. has a friend like that. he continue to be the grils best friend long after she got married. he is now in his late 30s and still single.
    not saying you will be like him, but.. yeah... stay away as long as she is not available.
    if she does become available, tell her how you feel then


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  • At this point, as long as she has a boyfriend, convince yourself that you're not in love with her... Unless you're 100% sure that you love her as more than a friend and want to spend forever with her.


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  • To to just talk to her first then try being more affection