I need relationship advice?

1- how do i get a guy to like me
2- how to know if he does like me
3- how to ask out or make him ask me


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  • 1) Develop better personality traits. Become down to earth, have a sense of humor, flirty, etc. Alternatively you could improve your fitness and have a better body but that is kind of shallow
    2) Looks at you a lot, touching
    3) All on him. You could try to hint

    • Thankkkkss so much i really appreciate it

    • Most of all make sure you have a high self esteem. It doesn't matter how perfect you are to him if you don't feel good about yourself. Also don't try to get attention because it's obvious and looks bad..

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  • 1. be yourself! you don't want to live a lie to get a boy.
    2. he'll be more goofy/act out around you, he'll look at you more and talk to you more, etc.
    3. show interest in him, that should make him feel more comfortable with asking you out.

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