Do you tell your boyfriend everything? What do guys think if girls do?

The title pretty much says it all. lol but when I say everything, I meant everything he has to know and some unnecessary things also.


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  • Agoid women has no secrets itll make ur man faithful

    • thank you! but of course not 100% of it. i guess I kept like 5% of it. lol

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  • Lol depends on what it is. Honesty typically is a good thing in a relationship or within dating. Its something everyone one my opinion should be 95% to 100% honest depending on what it is. If you want to give me more details send me a message because its anonymous I can't send you one. If you would like more info.

    • I guess just basics and guys that text me, good and bad stuff, also some private stuff lol im worried that once we broke up its hard to let go because he knows everything. The good thing is he doesn't need to wild guess everything about me because he basically know me at everything. lol he said he loves that I tell him everything but sometimes i feel like im going overboard on telling him everything. lol

  • I wonder why she is telling me about every single detail of her day and how every single thing made her feel.

    • Is that a good thing?

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    • I don't care how cute a cat video was, or care to hear about how her manicure went, or the latest gossip of a friend of a friend. It's all noise to my ears. If Its truly significant, great. I'd love to hear about it. But I do not need or want to hear a play by play of your day or how it all made you feel. It's just chatter.

    • Oh well. At least I know some guys won't like it. :)

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  • Yup! There are few things I don't share with my boyfriend and I can honestly say it keeps our relationship very healthy : )

    • Of course there are few things I don't share but he obviously knows 95% of everything. lol Thank you so much!

    • You're welcome!
      It's different for everyone! Personally though, I couldn't imagine being with one of those people who are so secretive and want to hide everything or make you jump through hoops for them to reveal the tiniest bit. I would find that so annoying -_- Being so open and honest really diffuses some potential major messes!

    • true! Also, being open with someone you love eliminates all conflicts. Guys don't tell as much as we do girls but the good thing is they tell you the big events that had happen and what they are planning to do. I think that's one of the advantages of being open to him. hehe