I recently broke up with my bf, why he hasn't told me to get my stuffs back?

i recently broke up with my bf and he initiated the break up, its been a week now, i told him i was sorry but he doesn't want to accept my apology, then he is not contacting me. i know he is still mad for what i did and not a smart thing to do. it is just petty fight, i still wanna work things out, but till now he is not talking to me. anyway why he hasn't told me yet to get my stuffs (my clothes etc) back? or just ask someone to give it to me, if he doesn't want to see me. is he still contemplating about our relationship why he hasn't talking to me?

after a week of no contact, i texted my ex with a long ass message, stating how i realiZe my mistakes, what can i do about it, why i acted like that on our petty fight.. i also told him how much i love him, but i also told him im getting tired of him
1min always trying to break up with me
everytime we fight, and im willing to move on. he agreed to meet in person, were gonna meet in the place where we first met and we went there too on our first break up Report
we're back together :)


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  • It's still fresh, it's only been a week. Give him a little more time but remind him that you re still there for him, still there for both of you. But him a little time to breathe too. Unfortunately I don't know why you guys broke up but just remember that Rome wasn't built in a day and that you will have to keep patient and work hard to make things happen.

    So just hang on a bit and I'm sure things will work out one way or another.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Maybe because if u did that he'd think it was over for sure. Let him cool down

  • He smells your stuff whenever he misses you ^^


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  • If he is petty he probably threw out your stuff

    • he's not that kind of person.

    • Going back to get your stuff after a breakup is awkward

    • Maybe that is why he did not contact you, he probably feels awkward

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