Guys and Plus size dating?

What is the deal with men and dating a plus size girl? I've spent my whole life living by society standards that if im a plus size girl i shld live as if im less than. I never let anyone get close to me because i dont need anyone making me feel even shittier than i already do just knowing i dont fit the norm. but man oh man do most guys go out of their way to make me feel the absolute worse. I've got male friends but they dont pay me any mind. I've never got a card or roses or anything. Its like im unlovable because im a big girl. They'll say lose weight but im happy at my size. So my options are lose weight or die alone? How cruel is that? I can't take the loneliness or the heartache anymore. what do i do?


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  • Lose weight. Also stop using the term "plus size". Just say you're fat. There are tall women who also have to wear plus size clothes who are not fat. Stop associating negativity with the term plus size because its not fair to people who are plus size but not fat.

    Losing weight isn't for everyone else either, its for yourself. Get your priorities in order woman!
    You will not only be happier if you lose weight but in the process of doing so you will come out the other end healthier than other thin people.

    So you can continue to wallow in your own gelatinous glutton or you can do something for yourself and take the pressure not only off yourself but off your countries health system and off the eyes of all the people who have to look at your fat arse.


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  • Well, it seems like you are in denial about being happy with your weight. What if you are not really happy with your weight. I would say to lose it. Fortunately, it's just your weight; it could be worse. You can be an Asian male with negative connotations attached to you because of your race. There are "chubby" chasers who love the BBW out there too. Try one of those websites.

  • "Plus size" doesn't sound like we're talking nice curves here. Thats not really cruel, being overweight is unhealthy and guys are attracted to what we're attracted to. It's something that can be changed with a little bit of effort so there's no real excuse unless there is some medical reason. Diet and exercise, a lot of people do it.

  • There is someone out there for you i can assure that. I can talk from experience im a skinnier guy but most of my gfs have been bigger than me and i dont mind i actually find it really attractive like this is a real women :) My current gf is perfect body i told her she should be a plus size model omg im getting naughty thaughts just thinking of her lol think ima go and take care of some business if you know what i mean ;)


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