When are we "officially" in a relationship? or does that even matter?

Dating for a few months... not really sure how it's "supposed" to progress..


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  • I would just ask her. You can ask her if she wants to be your girlfriend, but you can also ask her what she thinks about an serieus relationship


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  • Depends on the couple. Some girls think it's only official when you post it on facebook.

    I always think it's when you have the conversation about whether you are dating each other exclusively or still seeing other people on the side.

    • what's the good timing to ask? Dated for 1 about 1.5 months before she went on summer vacation. but we've been talking almost every day this summer

    • Wait until she gets back. People on holidays often stray, no point in making it "official" if she's cheating on you.

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