Long distance relationships.-?

im currently in a long distance relationship with someone in Tasmania, im in australia, and yea, he is Asian and his English isn't very well, my friend brought us together and we fell in love, i have seen him once in real life, and i talk to him on the phone EVERY NIGHT and its just so hard to understand him, i dont like continuously asking him to repeat himself... also another thing, he merges calls with his friend some times, more than im happy with and talk to him a lot in their language (Thai) and i dont know whether they are talking about, and my friend him and I were on a three way call and she said he said to her in their language that
wants to
'F' me one day and that he wants me to blow him off, i dont know about this one, what should i do? i love him so
much he is 2 years older than me


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  • find a new guy that you can actually hang out with life is short don't waste your time


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