I really like him but I made a bad choice?

How can I tell a guy I slept with his brother? Me and his brother were nothing more than sex one time. I really like him. I don't want to tell because I don't know how he'll react. But I don't want to not tell him for the fact he'll find out one day. Should he be off limits for me?


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  • You asked this already and got some good answers.

    • Well maybe a better question would be how to tell him? Help sir! please

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  • How to tell him? Be hones with him. Tell him there's something you two need to talk about, and bring it up. Be 100% honest, and NEVER try to explain it away. If he asks, answer.
    And be prepared for any reaction. Either way, it is likely to affect his trust in you negatively (bette than hiding it, and having him dump you when he discovers)
    Seeing as you regret it, i hope he is willing to forgive you for it.


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