What types of things might a female friend talk about or do to show that she wants you to see her as a date or love interest?

I have a friend I am not too sure about. I think she likes me as she likes to do things alone with me, even when she just learns about something I am interested in, she might call me s few days later put of the blue to do it. Problem is that she has a boyfriend. I don't want to take her from the relationship. And I certainly wouldn't let her cheat with me. But she has hinted at having trouble with her boyfriend. And I don't want to be a rebound if she I'd trying to get out of that relationship. But I do like her. And we have never done anything that is a date or do anything physically, but we do talk and we go out together and she initiates all of the outings and activities Does it seem like she might like me? I am terrible at deciphering women especially when they are actually willing to do things with me


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  • She definitely likes you, she does want out of the relationship but she can't really let him go yet because she does still have feelings for the guy but just continue to do what your doing. Its not your fault if she doesn't wanna be with him. It sounds to me she will be all yours very soon… I hope I helped a lot


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