How to know the difference between someone being shy or not interested?

How do I know the difference between someone being shy or just not interested (anymore)?

I met this guy who I think is being shy around me, but I am not completely sure.. reasons why I think he likes me and is being shy are:
- he first was really flirty towards when we were together, but after admitting his interest in me over text he became more distant in real life
- he flirts with me over text
- his friends ask me what I think about him
- I catch him looking at me, though he doesn't always say something to me
- He laughs at every thing I say, and when I say something I have his attention immediately

does this seem like shy or just interested behaviour?


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  • sounds like to me, he really likes you, but he is shy to do anything about it, shy people are scared of rejection. Just go and tell him you really like him as well.


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  • Tell him you like him and ask him straight up if he's interested or not. Most guys don't mind being approached like this, especially if they're shy.


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  • He sounds shy, but interested. Make a move girl. Take that initiative. If he told you he was interested in you already then the ball is in your court.

    • mhh yeah I did flirt back a little when we were texting.. but face to face I don't really have the guts ;). I was expecting him to flirt more now I had flirted a bit with him over text, but he was far less flirty/talkative than when we had just met.

    • Well it sounds like both of you are shy. But one of you have to give in and make the move. It has to be done. Lol