Im tasked to write a letter to my crush?

So my school have this event where we angels and mortals, when you draw lots and picked a student name, and you are her angel. But she cannot know who it was.
When i drew lots i thank my lucky stars that I got her name. And we are all tasked to write our angels a nice and encouraging letter. Our exams are coming in two months, i know she's tired with life and tired about all the school works, i dont know what encouraging and nice things to say to her. I want it to be sweet too, but I just can't confess to her, or be too obvious. So any help? She's quite close to me and we play fights like all the time. She just gave me a surprise hug today!!

Thanks for your answer guys and girls, but the main thing is I need some ideas and suggestions as to what to write encouragements, and I want to have some sense of humour to it too.


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  • Remember, if you not tell it now, you will probably will not get chance later.
    Be gentle and tell her , you have nothing to lose.


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  • Tell her what you think about her. Tell her your feelings


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