How do I tell a guy I wanna take things slower with out hurting his feelings?

This guy and I hung out last night and he was kinda touchy. And at the time I didn't mind but after sleeping on it I've decided we're going a little fast for my liking. How can I say to him that I want things to go slower without hurting his feelings?


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  • Just tell that with the physical and sexual contact u want to move slower... if he really does like u, he should respect and abide.


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  • He is a guy... not a girl...
    You should worry less about his feelings and more about his comprehension.
    By that I mean... Tell him a logical expectation of the progression of the relationship. Do add your worries and concerns about moving to fast...
    Don't make it all about emotions and feelings... that just makes us confused and then we post to this site asking if she likes us or hates us...

    Basically... be blunt

    • So just say hey, last night was just a little too fast for me, can we take things a little slower? I was okay last night but after sleeping on it I feel differently

      Like that ^

    • totally makes sense to me... My answer would be. "Yeah, is no problem" (in a fake Russian accent). If there is a problem, then he just wants you fro your body.

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