What does it mean when a woman who didn't see you for long time stare at your eyes?

So i graduated but before at school i used to flirt a lot with this pretty girl , she has a bf so i never approach her , but everybody think she is pretty and i felt attracted to her , she knew her friend has a crush on me so maybe thats why we never talked , but she would look at me , smile when i look at her , and feel so nervous around she even drop her lunch when i stand next to her and she felt nervous so i stood away , but after graduation i didn't see her for long time , i was hanging out with my friend who doesn't know her , we were walking , she said to me its weird how these women look at you , when i looked it was her she was staring right into my eyes , and she stopped moving and smiling she just stared she never stared at my eyes this way , i looked back , then she kept walking with her friend , later she saw me leaving she couldnt stop looking at me and my friend and trying not to look but she seemed upset, why she looked directly at my eyes after all this time?


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